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The first is our patient check-in system – Phreesia.  These personal tablet PCs allow you to check in from the comfort of our waiting room.  You give the reason for your visit, it verifies all insurance and eligibility information instantaneously through our secure server and then allows you to make a payment by directly swiping your credit/debit or HSA card while you sit comfortably.  It’s personalized, safe / secure and HIPPA compliant.

The second is our electronic medical record (EMR) – SOAPware.  We have evolved as SOAPware has too since we began using it with our first patient August 1, 2003. It integrates our medical record and scheduling software.  All aspects of the record are stored and secured via our computer network and can therefore be accessed in Enfield, Somers and from Dr. Fignar’s home network for evening and weekend concerns.

Third is our newest and is an integrated patient portal – eJMMC.  This patient accessible web-portal allows you to obtain a secure account.  You can check labs, xrays and other hospital related test results that are shared after viewed by the physician.  There are also capabilities to communicate with our office electronically – schedule an appointment, request a refill or leave a comment / question about your results.

Lastly is our cutting edge medical weight loss program – CMWL.  CMWL is an organization of 400+ physicians throughout the country working to assist patients with strategies for sustained medical weight loss.  We use the latest scientific information from the field of bariatric medicine to create a personalized plan for success.  Patients take advantage of the online community forum to gain perspective and advice, as well as tools to monitor and enhance their personal successes.  We work diligently to help each patient achieve their personalized short-term weight loss goal as well as constant counseling strategies to maintain it for years to come. 
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